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  • The levels are A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.

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  • The price is 129,- NOK/month ($13/month). You can terminate the membership at any time. If you stop and start again, the price increases to 299,- NOK/month ($30/month).

Monthly cost is only 129,- NOK ($13)

Feedback from members

Read some of the feedback that Norwegian teacher Cecilie Lønn receives from her students.

avatar 4

Sara Golzari



For me it goes without saying that, in order to learn a new language as an adult - one must work structured towards a goal. You were the only person in Norway who gave me the chance to learn the language that way.


Thank you very much, Cecilie, for your passion and tireless commitment to create innovative and very exciting content with the aim of helping us acquire high levels and long-term language skills, so that we can thrive in beautiful Norway!

avatar 2

Fernando A.


avatar 3

Sarah Rous



The best part is the live lessons with Cecilie! She is a skilled language teacher who is especially good at understanding how adults learn and work with language. In addition, she is very nice!


She is a very helpful teacher!


Thank you so much Cecilie!


She has helped me a lot!


Educational! Thanks!


I have worked as a Norwegian teacher for 23 years, written eleven textbooks in Norwegian and six textbooks in Spanish. I would like to be your Norwegian teacher online!

Qualified teacher with vast experience in online courses:

  • Norwegian teacher

  • Spanish teacher

  • Author

Monthly cost is only 129,- NOK ($13)
avatar 7

Ivana C. og Fernando A.

We have been learning Norwegian with Cecilie Lønn since 2015. Until we learned about her incredibly didactic textbooks, engaging teaching programs, we had, frankly, not been able to learn Norwegian in a methodical and consistent way. Attending all of Cecilie's courses has been the best decision we have made since we moved to this wonderful and peaceful country.


Over the years, we have noticed that acquiring good Norwegian language skills is a process that, for adults, can take not only 2-3 years, but really a lifetime. Thanks to Cecilie's live and recorded digital content, we have not only gained the confidence to continue to improve our oral and written Norwegian, but also been able to integrate more into Norwegian society. She is not just an incredibly creative and productive writer. She has the unique ability to perceive what we adults, with different language backgrounds, need to gradually and effectively learn the nuances of the language based on our progress.


We have not yet met another Norwegian instructor, who is as competent and appealing as Cecilie Lønn. Her approach to teaching the language is so effective, creative and all-encompassing that we can not imagine ourselves continuing to learn Norwegian through another method or instructor. Every time we dedicate time to work on the different Norwegian courses we have signed up for, we think: Wow! This was really well spent time! - because we either learn something new or understand concepts and expressions on a deeper level.


Thank you very much, Cecilie, for your passion and tireless commitment to create innovative and very exciting content with the aim of helping us acquire high levels and long-term language skills, so that we can thrive in beautiful Norway!

avatar 5

Maya Taha

Cecilie is an amazing teacher! I was lucky enough to meet her when I was in a Norwegian educational program called 'voksenopplæringenn', which is for adults who want to get a high school diploma. I joined her online courses and this taught me a lot. She taught us everything from simpler concepts to more advanced expressions and grammar. The best thing about Cecilie is that she is always available when you need help.

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Cecilie's Norwegian courses are not like any other courses that you might get at public institutions. Her courses cover grammar, pronunciation, expressions, vocabulary, and many other practical topics such as writing a job application. Her teaching is instructive and varied.


The course content is both systematic and has a logical structure. Cecilie always answers the big and small questions very precisely. Online courses in themselves also have a number of advantages, for example you are more flexible and can be in other countries than Norway - you only need a PC and an internet connection.


I experience Cecilie as patient, enthusiastic and a very helpful teacher. That is why I have taken many of her Norwegian for deg!-courses for several years.

avatar 3

Sarah Rous

I'm so glad I found Cecilie and her online courses about two years ago! I live in USA, where there are few opportunities for Norwegian courses, especially at a higher level.


Cecilie's Norsk for you! courses are packed with helpful resources, including engaging and relevant texts, assignments and videos. But the best part is the live lessons with Cecilie! She is a skilled language teacher who is especially good at understanding how adults learn and work with language. In addition, she is very nice!


She manages to create personal connections with her students even though the courses are online. I would definitely recommend Norsk for deg! courses to anyone interested in learning Norwegian, no matter the level or where in the world you are!

avatar 4

Sara Golzari

When I came to Norway, I was looking to find someone who could teach me the Norwegian language. It goes without saying for me, that in order to learn a new language as an adult, one must work structured towards a goal. Cecilie was the only person in Norway who gave me the chance to learn the language that way.


She is a person with many positive qualities that are difficult to describe in words. She is an empathetic person who tries to understand what motivates and inspires her students. Then she tries to help them achieve these goals. She is an objective person who builds strategies and tactics based on her students needs and language skills.


Cecilie is a patient teacher who has the ability to see when it's time to act and when it's time to let things go: “Life has a dark side and a light side. We must choose the one which bring us more joy."

avatar 8

Rokas Trimbellis

I started learning Norwegian with Cecilie in 2016, and really liked how thorough her teaching is. She uses many explanations in different contexts, so that the students get a broad picture. In short, Cecilie's course covered all needs: from passing the 'Bergenstest' to surviving in Norwegian society. Even though I have passed the Norwegian Language Level Test, I still take Norwegian courses with Cecilie. It helps me to learn advanced expressions, and gain an understanding of how the Norwegian language is NOW - not just how it is in textbooks.

avatar 9

Dörte Giebel

For over four years, I have greatly appreciated Cecilie's Norwegian course. Thanks to her teaching, I was immediately able to pass the written 'Bergenstest' - at level C1. And I still enjoy Cecilie's input and feedback, especially when it comes to advanced questions about grammar and the typically Norwegian way of expression in my texts. But it's not just about her competence as a Norwegian teacher, the point is that Cecilie is a passionate soul who always finds new exciting ways to arouse the desire to learn Norwegian.

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Once inside the portal, you can see a calendar of what is going to happen. You will find many exciting small courses every single month. There are courses at all levels - and you can join all the courses you want.

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  • The membership consists of new, exciting small courses every single month!
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You can study at the level you want. Choose between these levels: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.

As a member you can order a 'writing month', my norwegian course called Skrivemåned. This course costs 600 NOK. You can then write as much as you want in during a whole month. This offer is for members ONLY. Read about it here: SKRIVEMÅNED

You can order 'Alone time with Cecilie' when you are a member. 20 minutes costs only 100 NOK - and this offer is ONLY for members.

You must not have books, but Cecilie teaches from all the books she has written. You can buy books if you want. You will not find any PDF of the books inside the portal. (It is illegal to download PDFs of the books.) Cecilie's books can be ordered here: https://www.adlibris.com/no/sok?q=cecilie+l%C3%B8nn

Inside the portal you will find a calendar. On the calendar you will find all information about when we have classes.

It depends. Sometimes it's in the morning, sometimes it's in the afternoon and other times it's in the evening.

No. You need to look at the class schedule and see when we have classes. If you can not attend the class, you can watch it recorded on video afterwards.

There are approximately 4-7 hours of teaching each week (at different levels).

No. Cecilie uses a program called Adobe Connect.

Class lessons are performed using Adobe Connect. When you are a member, you will find the link on the calendar. Sometimes Cecilie teaches you through Facebook - but most of the teaching is not on Facebook.

You will find the videos in the folders: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.

Yes, when you are a member you can always ask Cecilie questions via email.

You need to send her a message. Cecilie has too many students for her to help everyone by phone. She responds quickly to your messages.

Yes, of course. You will find material for all levels in the portal - including B2.

Yes, of course. The portal is for everyone. You will find all levels on the portal: A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1.

Yes, it's up to you which lessons you want to take.

Cecilie recommends that you own one or more courses. But the portal has a lot of material. You decide for yourself if you want any other courses in addition to the content of the portal. As a member, you get high membership discounts.

Yes, all members get high discounts on the courses

No. You can access the online courses you buy for as long as you want.

No, you can not study the curriculum in the portal if you are no longer a member.

Yes, you can. But if you cancel and start again later, the price increases to 299,- NOK/month.

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